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Listed are some of the services we provide and in some cases more information is available. Scroll the page or click the link items to view.

Broadband Supply

TWS are KCOM resellers and we are able to supply both business and home broadband services.  We have used KCOM(previously Eclipse) for our own service for 10 years and now have a 40 mbps connection. Where available we can supply VDSL2 also known as Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) or BT Infinity.  We can then offer different download levels including unlimited which is very suited to the mid-size organisations that use the Internet for  much of their business activities and have Cloud Based Services such as Hosted Exchange. KCom have a UK based call center that as resellers we have priority access to in the event of a fault or troubleshooting issue.


Trading as we are now Europasat Approved Resellers and are able to supply install and support Satellite Broadband. To see a demonstration system in use, please Contact Us and we will be happy to arrange it for you at our premises. There is more information and if you want to visit the site you will find out how Satellite Broadband is now High Speed, Reliable and Affordable.

Computer Supply

From a new home computer to a complete new office setup of PCs monitors, software etc. we can get you fantastic deals on new and refurbished computers. We use a number of suppliers to ensure we get the very best pricing and we are usually able to beat the prices of the major retailers.  When purchasing a new computer it is often worth considering extended warranties including "Next business day on site support" so that in the event of a hardware problem you will get the support you need from the manufacturer to get your PC up and running again with the minimum of downtime


In addition to computers, we can supply and install printers, document scanners and any other network or locally attached equipment.


So when the time comes to look for new or replacement computers, printers or software etc. why not contact us for advice on the most suitable models and the latest deals and we can send you a quotation.


If you are considering upgrading your servers or looking to migrate to the cloud for some of your services then we can assist.  Have you thought of using of the latest services advertised on the radio, and have questions about what is Microsoft 365 and thought you would like to find out whether there are alternatives you can use.


We have assisted many businesses and advanced home office users and many times we have offered a better and more cost effective solution than had previously been considered.


Our Managing Director is a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and has been responsible for the planning and installation of large multi-server deployments. We are able to offer advice on migrations to cloud services that can provide more flexible working or multi site connections and remote working etc.  We have advised businesses on moves to new offices including setting up their network and broadband services including remote access for users to server located date using VPN connections and other technologies. For new customers we are able to offer free initial consultancy meetings to discuss your needs.  We are also able to offer ways of monitoring and creating asset inventories. Contact us ......

Domain Services

Have you ever wanted your own domain name? Do you want a web site for your small business? In order to achieve these wishes you will need the services of a domain registration company or web host.


TWS are a Fasthosts Reseller and we can register and manage domain names and provide web hosting and domain management services.  If you currently own a domain but need advice on a new email solution such as Hosted Microsoft Exchange, you are likely to need to have the MX records changed.  We understand the complexities of the DNS system and can assist with any issues. If you currently have a domain host and feel you are paying too much for very little, then we can arrange for the domain to be transferred in to our services and we can then manage the domain for you, including renewals of registration and records management.


Your own brand or company brand can exist with Facebook and Twitter alone but to really showcase your companies products and services you will need to have a domain that can be used for email and a web site. In previous times companies would charge thousands of pounds for a small business web site. At TWS we can do the domain registration, DNS records management including setting up MX records followed by setting up a web site and email system.  It all starts with a domain name so contact us at TWS

Hosted Exchange

Email is the life blood of business and whether you are currently running Microsoft Exchange Server on a Small Business Server or a small business still using "POP3" accounts, the first choice for you now is Hosted Microsoft Exchange.  TWS offer Hosted Exchange 2013 or 2010 and have customers with many mailboxes and some with as few as one mailbox. Hosted Exchange comes with the option to have Advanced Security for additional SPAM control and archiving of email for up to 10 years.  The benefits for any business or advanced home user are many and there are brochures available for download that will give you much more information. If you have any questions at all after viewing the brochures, please contact us and we will be happy to provide answers and offer you a free trial of up to four weeks, so that you can use the services and see for your self how they can improve communications and collaboration for you.

Hosted Exchange Brochure

Advanced Security Brochure

Hosted Share Point

Hosted SharePoint makes it easier for people in business to work together. They can share

information, manage projects and collaborate on documents on-line utilising cloud technology,

making Hosted SharePoint an essential platform in today’s smart business.


Hosted SharePoint is the world’s leading file and information storage and collaboration platform developed by Microsoft. It’s hosted on a high-speed network, providing access to your company files in the cloud, and reducing your IT overhead. It integrates neatly with Hosted Exchange, Outlook, SharePoint Workspace, and Office, and is available on many other platforms such as the iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android and from any browser.


Please contact us if you would like a demonstration or to arrange a free trial of up to four weeks.

Hosted SharePoint data sheet

Hosted VoIP

We can supply and install a Hosted VoIP phone system. Whether you need one phone or twenty we can provide a Hosted VoIP solution to suit your requirements. Extensions from £9.00 per month.

  • Full featured telephone system hosted for you
  • Very cost effective call tariffs
  • Free calls between extensions irrespective of physical location
  • Full IVR call prompt or Auto Answer etc.
  • Voice mail to email as standard
  • Geographic and Non Geographic numbers available
  • Single or multiple Geographic Numbers with DDI for all/some
  • Hard-phone and Soft-phones supplied and installed/configured




We can install and support simple and complex IP CCTV systems using Sony Cameras with High Definition viewing and recording.  Monitoring can be as simple as viewing using any devices web browser or using dedicated monitoring software with complex layout options.


Using Sony products we can create a cost effective, easily scalable video network monitoring system with IP cameras for security and surveillance applications. Monitor and protect offices, factories and public spaces with discreet mini-dome cameras. Safeguard your premises with IP cameras for indoor or outdoor applications. Cover the whole scene with PTZ cameras offering up to Full HD image quality and powerful zoom.


TWS are Milestone Partners and have also partnered with Sony having undergone both Sales and Technical Training.


With our experience in the management of routers and IP networks we can configure cameras for remote monitoring from any device at any time.

Managed Anti-Virus

We are partnered with AVG and provide their Anti-Virus product to customers as part of the Cloud Care services.  It is a fully managed service and can be offered as a 30 Day Free Trial with or without the addition of Content Filtering.


As the software package for installation is configured by TWS on our AVG Cloud Care portal we can send download links to customers for the software installation for each PC or send customers a completely customised installation package that will install the software and remove 3rd party products in the process.


The Managed Anti-Virus is available on it's own or with additional options of Content Filtering and more besides.  Policies are custom created to the customer's requirements for scheduled scanning etc.


TWS are alerted when there are any threats detected by the software and we are able to assist with threat removal using Remote Sessions.  Please contact us if you would like more information including pricing which can be monthly or annual billing and is less than the price of the competitive products.


Managed On-Line Backup

 Our Enterprise Class Managed On-Line Backup is an additional feature of the Remote Monitoring system that we use to monitor servers and workstations.  The backup provides a highly secure, automated method of protecting your critical business data, whether it’s simple file data or complex databases such as Microsoft Exchange and SQL. Managed On-Line Backup offers a cost-effective, hassle-free alternative to optical or tape based backup solutions. Whilst traditional methods can be effective, they require capital expenditure to set them up, along with staff to operate and maintain them. A Cloud Backup system avoids all of these problems, replacing time consuming, laborious techniques with fast, automated, secure backup processes. It is a suitable backup for laptops with automatic backups that run whether you are out of the office or in it.


We can install and configure the Managed On-Line Backup with a "Local Speed Vault" that is a Network Attached Storage (NAS) or an External Hard Drive.  The local speed vault allows for fast restore operations by negating the need to restore the data from the cloud storage.  As it is a managed service we can monitor the backup status through automatic monitoring and configure changes by remotely accessing the Backup Manager. Please contact us for more information and pricing.


Whatever networking a customer's requirements are, we can design and provide a solution that will fulfill the requirements in the most cost effective and simple manner. We are Draytek Advanced Networking Partners and Authorised Dealers. We have almost exclusively installed their products for the last 10 years.


We have found that using a mix of technologies such as Home Plug or Ethernet Over Mains and Wireless Repeaters and Bridges we have solved many problems for our customers and provided a reliable and robust solution that works without the need for complex maintenance.


Where connection to the Internet is business critical we use multiple lines connected to a router that provides fail-over in the case of a failure of a single line or uses the multiple connections for "Load Balancing"



View a video of the latest Draytek router.

Office 365

Office 365 for Business provides all of the Microsoft Office 2016 core business applications on-line and installed on up to 5 devices concurrently per User License.

TWS can supply your Office 365 Licenses and assist with user setup and software installation.


If you want to use your own domain name in the user accounts and one drive storage we can assist with the necessary DNS configuration.


Office 365 from TWS will co-exist with TWS Hosted Exchange however we are able to also offer a full Office 365 License that includes Microsoft's own Hosted Exchange and if you are already a TWS Hosted Exchange Mailbox user we can carry out migrations as required.


See more information on our Office 365 Page.


Remote Monitoring

We offer Remote Monitoring and Remote Management (RMM) of Servers and Workstations whether Desktop or PCs, Windows or MAC Operating Systems.  The management system is Cloud Based and will alert us as well as customers, if they have requested alerts to be sent, to any problems.  The Remote Management provides Asset Inventory ensuring all customers can have full listings for inventory and insurance purposes.


A small agent installed on the device is used to collect information either on a 24/7 basis or a Daily Safety Check ensuring that both TWS and the customer are kept informed and warned when any configured threshold is exceeded.


Mobile device management of Android and iOS devices is also available with remote wiping of lost or stolen devices.  Contact us for more information

We can supply and install Tooway or SES Satellite Broadband


Using Tooway or SES Satellite Broadband we could supply

service with the the tariff to suit your requirements to give

you access to the services that your slow DSL type broadband cannot provide.

  • No fixed line required
  • No long term contracts
  • Flexible tariffs
  • Systems supplied, installed and supported
  • Upgrade or downgrade as required
  • Wireless Routers configured as required
  • Share the connection with all of your devices
  • Use as a "Fail Over" with a suitable router


See our Satellite Broadband page for more information

Satellite Broadband

Web Design & Hosting

Most companies want a web site to showcase their products and services but this has historically meant using dedicated web designers and in general this has creates high costs to the customer and often calls between designers and hosting companies and back and forth to the customer. The whole process can feel like a maze to the business customer. TWS are a one stop shop and we can register the domain, design the web site and then upload and host it very competitively.  This site has been designed from scratch by TWS and we have many happy small business customers who have been pleasantly surprised by how little they were quoted and charged for the complete package.


We can take away the maze and make the whole process much simpler. We have even designed sites for individuals.


Should you already own a domain and have employed the services of a web designer then we are still able to provide very competitive web hosting packages and access to the server for the web designer to upload the site and maintain it.  Please contact us for more information.

There are more services that we offer than those shown.

Items not shown include Training among many others.

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